Alternator Repair in Burnaby, BC

Alternator and Alternator belts replacement

WrenchPatrol offers alternator replacement at a reasonable cost at your location. We also replace alternator belts.

Why Alternator starts to fail and how it can be fixed?

Alternator repair

Your vehicle’s alternator is an integral part of your vehicle’s charging system. It takes rotational power from the engine and converts it into electricity. The electricity is used to charge your battery and to power car accessories, lights and spark. Alternators contain moving parts and can wear over time. When alternators start to fail, vehicles draw down their batteries. Charging the battery may enable you to drive for some time, but eventually you will lose power. Repairing or replacing an alternator is then the only option.

Alternator Belt

The alternator belt loops between the engine’s output shaft and the pulley on the front of the alternator/generator. This is also known as a serpentine belt or accessory belt. Depending on the design of the engine it may loop through an air conditioner pulley, various belt tensioners and idler pulleys (to guide it)

Alternator Repair

A defective alternator can be replaced – or it can be refurbished and reinstalled. The choice is yours if you want a new part or a refurbished alternator.

Alternator Cost

For the average car, alternators cost in the $250 to $500 range. Installation could take about 1.5 hours or more. This obviously depends on the type of vehicle, how easy it is to access the alternator and the quality of the parts used. To save money a refurbished alternator can be fitted (vs. a brand new one.)

Mobile Alternator Repair

Since your car may be undrivable without electrical power, a mobile mechanic service is the ideal alternator repair option or alternator belt replacement option. We come to you!