How Much Does an Oil Change cost in Vancouver

How Much Does an Oil Change cost in Vancouver Before I was involved in the Automotive business, I got oil change deals from Mr. Lube, Jiffy Lube, I got oil changes at Canadian Tire, Midas and Kal-tire and I got oil changes from the dealership. Prices vary a lot. Why […]

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Check your tire wear

The most important Vehicle Safety Inspection One of most peoples’ worst fear is having their vehicle break down leaving them stranded, whether it be on a busy highway or at dark in the middle of nowhere. Having your brakes or steering components fail, engine stall or a tire blow out […]

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Car repair quotes – fair or not?

How do you know if you’re getting a good deal or not? Even if you shop around and ask several mechanic shops for quotes, how do you know if the best price is the best deal. Two Key Questions To Ask Your Mechanic: Does the mechanic use a standard labour […]

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Understanding Your Vehicle’s VIN

When looking for service and repairs, it is always best to provide your mechanic with your vehicle’s VIN number. This helps immediately eliminate any delays or comunication problems about your vehicle, since the VIN has most, if not all of the details embedded. All vehicles today contain a unique VIN […]

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TOP 10 REASONS WHY A CAR WON’T START 1. 12V Battery is dead – whether due to lights or accessories left on or battery degradation/sulphation over time, the battery lacks the electrical power to turn the engine over.  It also takes more to turn the engine over when fluids are cold […]

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BetaKit – instaMek acquires competitor WrenchPatrol

BetaKit – instaMek acquires competitor WrenchPatrol Source: instaMek, an Edmonton-based on-demand car service repair company, has announced the acquisition of Vancouver-based WrenchPatrol, which connects users with certified auto mechanics. The company said that this expansion will allow it to expand further westward and launch its services in Vancouver, as well […]

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