Car Diagnostics

During our diagnostic service, we listen to you and your car and check the relevant systems to isolate the problem. We bring computer diagnostic equipment and we can usually reference manufacturers’ technical manuals. Within 1 hour, we’ll have a good assessment of which vehicle systems and components are at fault.

The cost for this service is $99 and covers up to 1 hour of diagnostic time. If this is the only service you are booking, a mobile service charge of $29 will apply.

What if it takes more than 1 hour

Complex systems and intermittent problems can confound even our experienced technicians
– At the end of the hour, the technician will present his findings and a repair plan
– If the suspected components are quite expensive, we may ask for further diagnostic time
– Or we may recommend replacing some inexpensive suspect components before proceeding any further

Oil leak

Although some may regard oil leaks as merely a nuisance that can be ignored, mechanics have seen the consequence of not repairing an oil leak, from trivial to dire:

– oil leak spots on the ground which can bring fines in strata living

– oil leaking on to other components and damaging belts, suspension bushings, wiring and/or sensors

– risk to the engine if too much oil leaks out and the engine runs dry

– Impact to the environment with rain carrying oil into rivers and aquifers

– risk the occupants (fire could result from oil pooled on a hot exhaust manifold)

Oil Leaks Repair Cost

The gasket may be easy to access (like a valve cover gasket on top of the engine) or it may be buried deep in the engine bay (like some timing cover gaskets). The mechanic may have to take the whole engine out to repair the oil leak or it may be very trivial to repair the oil leak in an hour. Oil leaks can cost anywhere from $200 to $2000 to fix.

Oil change service

A regular oil change is the most important vehicle maintenance service you can do. Check your car’s owner’s manual for how often you should change oil and the grade of oil you need. Usually you should get a quick oil change every 5000km to 10000km.

If you are looking for a convenient oil change shop in your neighbourhood, look no further. WrenchPatrol can change your oil at your house, at your job-site, at your office or wherever you need to be.