April 11, 2018

Check your tire wear

The most important Vehicle Safety Inspection

One of most peoples’ worst fear is having their vehicle break down leaving them stranded, whether it be on a busy highway or at dark in the middle of nowhere. Having your brakes or steering components fail, engine stall or a tire blow out can be extremely dangerous for you and your passengers.

The most important aspect of vehicle safety is tire condition and pressure. The tires are the only thing that contacts the vehicle to the Road. Checking tire pressure and condition is probably the easiest and most important part of a vehicle’s maintenance.

Checking Tire Pressure

Put some air in your tires. Setting the proper tire pressure will not only improve the handling of the vehicle it will also decrease stopping distance and improve fuel mileage. It also allows you to inspect you tires for punctures or irregular wear. How do you know what pressure to set the tires in your car? The fastest way is often to check the door post. Open the driver’s door and check for a sticker on the door frame or on the edge door itself.

Tire Wear

Incorrect air pressure, steering wheel alignment, loose or worn parts, driving conditions, load, etc, can cause rapid or uneven tire wear. While you’re setting your air pressure, first check to see if all your tires look the same. If they don’t, book your car in for a tire rotation. Next, try holding a nickel in the tread of the tires. If you can see the top of the Queen’s head, start shopping for tires.