Fuel Pump Replacement Vancouver

Replacing a Fuel Pump in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey and Area

As long as replacing your fuel pump does not pose an environmental risk, WrenchPatrol will be happy to replace a fuel pump anywhere in Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Richmond and the greater vancouver area. Some fuel pumps have access panels for service either under the back seat or in the trunk, while others necessitate fuel tank removal.  Both types of fuel pump repairs can be done by mobile mechanics, but removing a tank is somewhat more risky and if the tank is full we definitely would prefer to do the fuel pump replacement in a shop.

What a Fuel Pump Does
  • A modern vehicle’s fuel pump can be considered its second motor.  Electrically driven, the pump is responsible for pressurizing the fuel and delivering to the engine’s fuel injectors at approximately 40 PSI and is in operation any time that the engine is running. 
Replacing a Fuel Pump vs Replacing a Fuel Pump Assembly

Fuel pumps are often mounted along with fuel level senders, which are the sensor responsible for sending a signal to the fuel gauge on the dash.  Many are powered by a relay module, while others directly by the vehicles computer. Many have “sock” filters on them, which not only preserve the pump itself, but are the first line of defense against having debris enter the fuel system. Some manufacturers have packaged all these components together into a fuel pump assembly, if so replacing the pump means replacing all these components.

When to replace a Fuel Pump

The pumps become noisy as they age and wear, but do so gradually over time, so that vehicle owners often don’t notice.  Failing fuel pumps may present as the vehicle lacking power at high fuel demand times (accelerating) or rough running and stalling.  Once failed completely the engine will have no fuel source and not be able to run. If your car will not start, your mechanic will test to see if fuel is being delivered to the engine.

What else to consider when replacing a Fuel Pump

While replacing a fuel pump, it is an opportune time to replace the fuel level sender as well as any external fuel filters.  Any deteriorated hoses that may be accessible during tank removal should also be replaced.  If the cause of pump failure is determined to be cause by a control relay, it should also be replaced so that the new pump has a consistent, as specified power source.

Fuel Pump Replacement Cost

Fuel pumps can cost $300-$800, depending on the vehicle but they don’t usually take more than an hour or two to install. Please fill the form on the right and we’ll get you a quote.