Where to go for Head Gasket Repair in Vancouver, Burnaby and Area

Since head gasket replacement is a very involved job, and requires partial dismantling of your whole engine and surrounding components, please make sure to work with a licensed mechanic. 

WrenchPatrol offers Head Gasket replacement through a partner shop. Head Gasket Replacement is sometimes needed when your engine overheats. Also, sometimes due to age, contamination, warpage or other physical damage, head gasket replacement is sometimes required even if the engine hasn’t overheated. 

What does Head Gasket Repair Cost and Why

A head gasket repair in Burnaby, Vancouver or surrounding area can cost thousands of dollars. It is not uncommon for head-gasket repair to cost this much in other regions too. The labour involved in replacing a head gasket is the main component – the Cost of a Head Gasket itself is not that much. Replacing a head gasket means a temporary separation of the top and bottom halves of the engine and is a fairly involved repair. During the repair, it is often recommended that machining processes be carried out to ensure the sealing surfaces are completely flat and true to aid in proper sealing of the new head gasket.  New bolts or special lubricants and sealants for bolts may also be required with specified tightening sequences to ensure the specified clamping loads are produced helping keep the gasket in place.  Accessing the head gasket may also require removal of smaller support components and subsequent replacement of the gaskets and hoses servicing those.

Head Gasket Defined

Your engine’s Head Gasket joins the lower block and upper block of your engine. Your vehicle’s engine can be thought of in two major sections; The lower block – which houses the mechanical pumping “heart” of the engine and accounts for the majority of an engines advertised displacement, and the cylinder head which sits atop the block and acts as its mechanical lungs – housing the valves through which the engine inhales and exhales. Sealing between the upper cylinder head and engine block it tops is the cylinder head gasket. 

Why Head Gasket Replacement is important

The head gasket is responsible for not only sealing in combustion pressure, but also engine coolant and oil as well as keeping each of those from mixing with neighbouring passageways. Failure to repair a head gasket could mean complete engine failure.

How do I know if I need a Head Gasket Job?

If your car has overheated, please have a mechanic take a look. If oil is found in the coolant or coolant in the oil, it is likely to mean a Head Gasket repair is needed. You can sometimes see the signs when the exhaust is whiter smoke or that it has a sweet smell to it. However it is impossible to determine the condition of the Head Gasket without looking at it.

What else is involved in a Head Gasket Job

Because the nature of the repair involves coolant, oil and combustion, it is often recommended that a coolant flush, oil change and spark plug replacement be performed as part of the reassembly process.