April 11, 2018

How Much Does an Oil Change cost in Vancouver

Before I was involved in the Automotive business, I got oil change deals from Mr. Lube, Jiffy Lube, I got oil changes at Canadian Tire, Midas and Kal-tire and I got oil changes from the dealership. Prices vary a lot. Why is that? How much does an oil change actually cost?

A WrenchPatrol Oil Change Costs $61

$61 covers a standard oil change (at the time of this post), including 5L of conventional oil and a standard filter. You can opt for a maintenance service package – including a mechanical inspection, fluids, mobile service, 1 year of roadside assistance and more – for not much extra.

Oil Change Service Packages

A maintenance service is more than just an oil change. You should get a certified mechanic to inspect your car, top up your fluids and test your battery. You should have your tires rotated (probably every third service) and your brakes checked by a certified mechanic. WrenchPatrol Oil Change Service Packages start at $99. If you choose WrenchPatrol for your servicing package, we’ll include mobile service to your location and 6mo of emergency roadside assistance coverage.

What’s the Going Rate for an Oil Change in Vancouver area?

My research says that the going rate for a standard oil change (just an oil change) seems to be in the $55 to $65 range – at reputable independent mechanic shops, chain stores and drive through quick-lubes. Dealerships tend to charge more and you can always find a ‘deal’ somewhere. You get what you pay for – see below:

$20 Oil Change Special, $29 Oil Change Special

Nevermind the advertised price. In a high-pressure sales environment, the average customer ends up paying $70 to $120 for their cheap oil change. When you are advised to spend a little more on your car, consider if the shop giving the advice is losing money on your oil change … and if so, is there a conflict of interest in selling you higher margin products and services? Good advice costs money. Good advice can save you money in the long run.

10 Minute Oil Change in Vancouver

Set your timer. How long does it take you to drive to get to and from the oil change. How long waiting in line. How long is spent on the oil change. How long is spent doing a proper inspection of your vehicle systems (if at all). How long did it take to talk to the technician and pay? I’ve never had a 10-minute oil change.

The average oil change takes 1 to 1.5 hours out of your day. What’s your time worth?

What if you could get an oil change that didn’t take any time out of your day? What if the oil change came to you?

DIY Oil Change – Materials and Labour Cost

You can go to your local Lordco store or Walmart and buy a case of oil for maybe $20 to $25. You’ll need an oil filter which might cost $5 to $7 for the average car. It’s likely your service centre gets a wholesale discount, but they’re not making huge money off your oil and filter. Then they have to pay skilled labour to do the work. If you were doing it yourself it might take you 30 minutes to do it (what’s your time worth?). It might actually cost the service centre $25 to $50 or even more to perform the Oil Change service (depending on what they include and the staff’s qualifications). There’s also the cleanup and disposal of the old oil after.

Cost of an Oil Change

The cheapest oil change I had before getting into the business was at a Quick-Lube in Vancouver. There was no Oil Change deal advertised and I asked for their regular oil change ($45). I managed to persuade the technician that I didn’t need a new air filter, but I did opt for a better grade of oil (looked it up in my owners manual and the grade was recommended) for an extra $20. I was on my lunch break to work so I was conscious of the time: 45 minutes total including about a 5 minute detour, a 10 minute wait and 30 minutes inside. The most I paid for an oil change was $120 … it took one hour but I was able to continue working in their waiting area and they gave me a report about my car that I trusted.