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Why choose Wrench Patrol For Your BrakeS?

Our clients are our first priority and delivering the best brake services in Edmonton for years. We work hard to make sure it’s a pleasurable & convenient experience from start to finish. Whether its’s disc or drum brakes, our certified technicians have the experience to fix all makes and models. Most of our customers become our long term clients as they see how we treat them and their vehicles.


We are qualified brake experts with over 10+ years of collective experience in all makes and models. Our technicians are all Red Seal Certified & insured. The best part of our service is that our technicians come to your home or office at very nominal extra cost versus taking your vehicle to a reputable shop. We can replace the entire braking system on-site including rotors, pads, calipers, brake master cylinder, brake fluid flushes and more. On top of that, we also offer oil change, brake repair & car inspection options for our customers in Edmonton at very reasonable prices so we can hit any budget.


The brake system of your vehicle system is critical to your safety and safety of those on road. Over time, your brakes will wear down and will need to get replaced. If you wait too long then you’ll also need to replace your rotors & potentially your calipers. You want to make sure you replace your brakes as soon as you hear squealing for that reason. 

automotive brake repair Service includes

  • low brake replacement cost.
  • brake line repair
  • entire brake replacement
  • efficient mechanics
  • font and rear brakes repair
  • emergency break repair
  • car rotor replacement
  • handbrake repair

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Across British Columbia ,BC we Serve All Major Cities Vancouver, Surrey Richmond & Surrounding Areas

Across Alberta, AB we Serve All Major Cities Including Edmonton , Calgary , Red Deer And Surrounding Areas

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Read Our Stories About Brake Repair In Edmonton 

Had to change my brakes. The process of calling mobile mechanics at your place is amazing, Great communication, super easy to book, and the mechanic (Jack) was friendly and even took the time to show my kids his tools. Convenient, honest mechanic service. Highly recommend.

Iain Rogers
September, 2019

Amazing service! My poor car suffers if it has to wait for me to take it somewhere.So Wrench Patrol keeps it running smoothly because they come to me. I would recommend them to my friends and family, These guys are legit and know what they do!

Anita Gunn
November, 2019

Wranch potrol is a life saver. Our company and all my friends and colleagues call them for all their auto repair needs. They are quick, efficient and very easy to deal with. Iain Rodgers is an amazing human being. His whole crew and their office are very easy to deal with. You can bet your bottom dollar on it that with Wranch Potrol

Mo Kumarsi
October, 2017