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Why Mobile mobile pre purchase inspection?

Buying a used car is risky and we make it a lot less risky by having a certified technician inspect the car before you buy it. Usually, you’d have to deal with going to a shop and the hassle the seller potentially losing out on a great deal. With WrenchPatrol we will send the technician straight to the seller’s home or dealership making the whole process so easy while giving you the same quality inspection as a high-end shop.  Contact Wrenchpatrol now for your next pre-purchase inspection Edmonton and surrounding areas

Expert of car inspection in edmonton area

We are qualified experts with hands on experience learned through years of experience inspecting thousands of cars. We’ve seen it all and we can help you buy smart. From domestic to Japanese & European imports we have the tools & experience to make sure you’re covered. Our friendly technicians can give you advice on what to buy and what to avoid – it’s a great way to navigate the world of used cars!

Our List of other Car repair services in Edmonton

Qualified pre purchase auto inspection

Auto safety checklist

Detailed digital report includes road test, photos and car condition report.

Qualified inspection mechanics

Our mobile car inspection team is skilled in all kinds of auto repair needs


Get the information you need to make an informed decision on your next vehicle purchase.

DO YOU REALLY NEED a inspection mechanic?

If you’re the type of person who likes to live on the edge and take a risk that can end up costing you thousands then you don’t need a car inspection. However if you want to buy smart and informed the inspection pays for itself – especially if it prevents you from buying a nightmare. It’s always wise to get an experienced professional who lives and breathes cars to help you – and our technicians do exactly that. Ready to take action? Call Wrenchpatrol Now for your next Car Inspection In Edmonton

auto safety checklist

  • AMVIC Inspections
  • auto emission tests
  • Brakes, brake pad, brake disk, brake clipper, brake fluid
  • Tire quality, wheel balancing
  • Engine’s spark plug condition, timing belt condition, engine seals condition 
  • body condition include mainframe chassis, doors condition
  • We do not do out of province or salvage inspections
  • affordable and competitive prices

Hassle free pre purchase inspection Edmonton

Areas We Serve

Across British Columbia ,BC we Serve All Major Cities Vancouver, Surrey Richmond & Surrounding Areas

Across Alberta, AB we Serve All Major Cities Including Edmonton, Calgary And Surrounding Areas

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Our Clients About Car Inspection in Edmonton

Had a car inspection in Edmonton. Convenient to set up and a fairly thorough report was prepared. I expected more and higher resolution photos to be included in the package however as supporting documentation. Also a follow up call would have been nice. Already have picked up on a hopefully minor electrical problem in the day since I made the car purchase, which I think should have reasonably been identified in the inspection

C Tho
July, 2019

These folks are awesome. We used their pre-purchase inspection service for used cars, and then got quotes for the recommended repairs. It was super low hassle, and made negotiating prices much easier. Plus they use email to communicate so it's easy to bounce the reports over to your spouse.

Andrea Smith
November, 2019

I had Mo come and do a pre-purchase inspection on a Jeep TJ I was planning on buying. They are very responsive to inquiries and very friendly and approachable. I had looked at a lot of vehicles so I knew it was pretty good, but it did have a couple of issues - oil leaks etc. The report they generated was comprehensive and impartial.

Grant Brown
December, 2019