Car Tuneup In Edmonton & Surrounding Areas


Every car is different in terms of age, mileage and maintenance history, all of which affect the tune up process. Some vehicles may require a deeper analysis of engine components, while others may only
require a few parts to be replaced. Our experienced technician will provide you with an overview of the inspection and then recommend the best steps for a proper tune up. Not only does a car tune up help improve gas mileage, but it also extends the life of your vehicle. Tune-ups performed regularly keep your engine in top shape and prevent break downs. 

Why choose Wrench Patrol For Your car tuneup Services?

A WrenchPatrol technician will start the tune up process by removing and inspecting worn out parts. A close inspection of the cap, rotor, and spark plugs can help technicians preemptively identify problems deep in your engine. Often, technicians must completely replace each of your worn components with brand new parts to restore the function of that system safely. We offer quality full-service auto care at an affordable price.

Tune-ups performed regularly keep your engine in top shape, improving its performance, therefore reducing the risk of a car break down. To top it all up, a well-maintained engine can help you reduce your carbon footprint, and emit a lower level of toxic fumes.

Why worry about your car tuneup?

Even when your engine is working properly, automotive components can slowly start to wear down to lower performance levels. WrenchPatrol Offers Car Tuneup In Edmonton when you need them. 


Your engine uses a series of interconnected components to deliver a spark, send fuel, and push airflow into the engine. If the controlling components wear out and fail to provide those three necessary elements, your engine will not properly complete the combustion cycle. To ensure your engine receives air, fuel and spark all at the right proportions, the skilled automotive technicians will come at your door step and fix your car in EDMONTON. An auto tune up service can include replacing the cap, rotor, spark plugs, wires, and the PVC valve. 

Our offerings

  • basic tuneup
  • full car tuneup (Engine tunning, suspension inspection) 
  • car Maintenance checkup
  • Spark Plugs & Wires (spark plugs cleansing or changing, leads cleansing)
  • Distributor Cap & Rotors
  • Filters (Air filter, mobile oil filter, air condition filters)
  • Air condition service (belt checking, gas checking, filter checking, mode shifting dial checking )
  • Upfront & Fair Pricing

Areas We Serve

Across British Columbia ,BC we Serve All Major Cities Vancouver, Surrey Richmond & Surrounding Areas

Across Alberta, AB we Serve All Major Cities Including Edmonton, Calgary & Surrounding Areas 

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What Our Clients Say

I used Instamek / Wrench Patrol to replace broken brake of my car. They replaced it in my underground parkade downtown., They gave a competitive quote prior to the work, which was competitive. They came on time and the service was good. I will use them again.

Robert Freimanis
September, 2019

Not being mechanical myself, and looking brake repair for my daughter's car I found the Wrench Patrol! What a great service! I can recommend them enough. From ease of use (I was out of town when the repair took place) to the quick delivery of the report to the details in the report. Was all top notch! I had a question in the report and got a response within minutes.

Anita Gunn
November, 2019

These folks are awesome. We used their brake repair service for our cars, and then got quotes for the recommended repairs. It was super low hassle, and made negotiating prices much easier. Plus they use email to communicate so it's easy to bounce the reports over to your spouse.

Andrea Smith
January, 2014