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We are qualified experts with hands-on experience that has been learned through tireless practice and precision by dealing in all makes and models available to date. If your break is producing scratching and weird sounds then wait no further. Immediately call our certified experienced mechanics & get your brakes replaced by OEM products. Brakes are cruical for the performance & safety for your auto mobile


The brake system of your vehicle system is critical to your safety and security of those on road. Over the lapse of time, your brake may show fragility and inefficiency, that may lasts impact on your vehicle coziness and health. Contaminated brake fluid leads to corrosion especially in cars with an Anti-lock braking system(ABS). Our Richmond Mechanics brings about all the synergies to entertain your vehicle maintenance needs whether its brake repair or replacement. We have the skillful hands to improve your vehicle functionality and gives it a smooth go. So we are the on-call mechanics for all types of brake repair in Richmond needs.

are you having following issues with your car?

An alert driver must listen to the sounds a vehicle may generate due to a faulty brake system. Contact Wrench Patrol for Brake Repair Richmond BC if you witness the following signs

  • Warning blinking of your vehicle brake system may indicate brake problems.
  • Your vehicle brakes may squeak due to rotors, glazed pads or lack of insulation.
  • Keep a keen eye on Warning lights.
  • If you find it difficult to apply your brake due to stiffness of your pedal.

If you experience any of these signs, its an indication to get your brake system work efficiently on time before it gets too late.

Our Offerings Include

  • masters cylinders & rotors replacement
  • brake line & hose repair
  • entire brake replacement at budget
  • efficient mechanics
  • wheel cylinders & clippers
  • fix squeaky or spongy brakes
  • car rotor replacement
  • handbrake repair

Areas We Serve

Across British Columbia ,BC we Serve All Major Cities Vancouver, Surrey Richmond & Surrounding Areas

Across Alberta, AB we Serve All Major Cities Including Edmonton , Calgary , Red Deer And Surrounding Areas

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Traveled up to Vancouver to from the states to visit family and low & behold.. Our family van refused to start one cold morning, after getting it started we called Wrenchpatrol to find out it needed a battery replacement. Coming from California, I expected to burn a hole in my wallet. Thankfully this wasn't the case, the mechanics here offer amazing pricing! Thank you so much guys. Made my headache disappear.

Hakob Gevorg
September, 2019

I was in a pinch and called Wrench Patrol, they were friendly, helpful, convenient and affordable - what more can you ask for! The technician showed up on time, and was well equipped for on-site service.

Anita Gunn
November, 2019

These guys are the bomb! Amazing service at my apartment. Super friendly and incredibly knowledgeable.. Along with great rates, I would recommend them to anyone for any sized job. Huge thanks to these guys for getting me back on the road!

Justin Bones
June, 2016