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Used Car inspection experts in Richmond - Our process

WrechPatrol Mobile mechanics provide you a top-quality comprehensive in & out certified car inspection in Richmond. Our Inspection services are available for all makes and models BMW, Jaguar, Lexus and more. The used car inspection process is initiated by observations of the exterior to identify dents, scratches, broken glass, missing parts, damaged body parts. We perform paint tests on every vehicle, when applicable, and looking to identify areas of the vehicle that are painted or serviced. WrenchPatrol is good at looking for evidence of poor, substandard, and unfinished repairs. Contact us for authorized car inspection.

Affordable & certified car inspection

We are qualified experts with hands-on experience that has been learned through tireless practice and precision.our each individual has certain peculiar skills that are unmatched and unparalleled. Car inspection in Richmond saves your time, we have brought development in our brake maintenance and inspection skills that makes us valuable.

Our Same Day Car Inspection Includes

Detailed Inspection Report

Detailed digital report includes road test, photos and car condition report.

Certified Vehicle Inspection

Our inspection mechanics are factory standard workers backed by 10+ years if experience


We value our customers by providing high quality products and competitive rates

DO YOU REALLY NEED a car inspection?

If you’re the type of person who likes to live on the edge and take a risk that can end up costing you thousands then you don’t need a car inspection. However if you want to buy smart and informed the inspection pays for itself – especially if it prevents you from buying a nightmare. It’s always wise to get an experienced professional who lives and breathes cars to help you – and our technicians do exactly that. 

Our Offerings Include

  • Used Vehicle Inspections
  • Damage and replaced body parts identification
  • Repaint Area identification
  • complete Engine inspection
  • Documents identification and verification
  • car inspection report
  • AMVIC Inspections
  • Insurance Inspections
  • inspect all the bulbs of car
  • windshield wipers
  • car safety inspection
  • emissions test

trouble free car inspection appointment

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Areas We Serve

Across British Columbia ,BC we Serve All Major Cities Vancouver, Surrey Richmond & Surrounding Areas

Across Alberta, AB we Serve All Major Cities Including Edmonton , Calgary , Red Deer And Surrounding Areas

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What Our Clients Say

I called the WrenchPatrol for car inspection in richmond and got immediate service - after several garages has told me I needed an appointment. The mechanic, whose name was Hensen, came out to do a pre-purchase inspection of a car I wanted to buy. He was candid when I spoke with him and wrote up a detailed report. I was very satisfied with the results.

William Ellis
September, 2019

The first time they tried to fix my car it later died on me that night while I was driving it, but then they sent a mechanic the next afternoon to refix it. They called the next morning first thing to deal with the issue and they didn't recharge me so that is pretty great customer service.

Jordan Russell
November, 2019

My car was dormant of some time . Battery was completely dead. I was looking for a auto service mechanic who could come and replace the battery. Wrench Patrol quoted very reasonable price and sent a mechanic with fresh battery. The mechanic was competent and pleasant and arrived at the promised time. I would recommend Wrench Patrol to any one who requires auto mechanic. S.C.

Sunil Choubal
October, 2017