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There is a lot going on in a car so due to the factor of wear and tear buying a used car could be very risky or it could save you a lot, It all depends on you. You can get a gem if you do a proper pre-purchase inspection before buying a used or second-hand car. Here comes Wrenchpatrol for your next car inspection in surrey. You can trust our qualified and certified technicians for your new motor vehicle inspection. We come to you, anywhere. We perform a detailed audit of the car’s condition from in & out and after doing complete car safety inspection provide you with honest recommendations.

Whats best about pre purchase car inspection?

We neither want you to buy vulnerable car nor want you to miss your next great car deal, WrenchPatrol Qualified Inspection team will carefully analyze the vehicle, with every make and model of a vehicle there pros and cons involved. Only a professional who has a keen eye on the automobile industry could judge those issues. We encounter Common issues of that model/make, maintenance/repair costs and history and internal and external conditions of the car. We perform a detailed checkup so we could come up with a solid decision.

Certified mobile pre purchase inspection

Car Inspection Report

Detailed digital report includes road test, photos and car condition report.

Authorized Car Inspection

Industry standard qualified mechanics will inspect your car thoroughly for better informed decisions.


Get the information you need to make an informed decision on your next vehicle purchase.

DO YOU REALLY NEED pre-purchase car inspection SERVICE?

Buying a used car is a an amazing way if you are on budget or if you don’t want to lease a car by paying for years. But in order to get maximum benefit you must assure that you are spending on a well maintained car and not on buying a nightmare. our Expert mobile mechanics in surrey will inspect the car in depth and perform checks on Body Condition,Tires ,Lights ,Roof, Seats , Instruments and Controls , engine condition and engine parts , oil leakages hence every inch of your car will be examined in order to do an informed decision

Our Inspection process 

Finding a trouble-free used car in surrey has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with applying good research and investigative skills. Knowing how to spot potential problems and determining how reliable a used vehicle is can save you from expensive automotive headaches down the road. The following advice can help you to avoid a lemon and find a good value.

  • full car inspection from inside & outside.
  • Ensure there is no leakage of oils
  • Hoses and belts not worn or cracked
  • Test drive for shaking, noises and proper operation
  • Vibrations check in idle condition
  • Clean exhaust
  • AC/Heating , Lights and Sound system

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Areas We Serve

Across British Columbia ,BC we Serve All Major Cities Vancouver, Surrey Richmond & Surrounding Areas

Across Alberta, AB we Serve All Major Cities Including Edmonton , Calgary , Red Deer And Surrounding Areas

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Our Buyers Thoughts

I used Instamek / Wrench Patrol to replace broken brake of my car. They replaced it in my underground parkade downtown., They gave a competitive quote prior to the work, which was competitive. They came on time and the service was good. I will use them again.

Robert Freimanis
September, 2019

Not being mechanical myself, and looking brake repair for my daughter's car I found the Wrench Patrol! What a great service! I can recommend them enough. From ease of use (I was out of town when the repair took place) to the quick delivery of the report to the details in the report. Was all top notch! I had a question in the report and got a response within minutes.

Anita Gunn
November, 2019

These folks are awesome. We used their brake repair service for our cars, and then got quotes for the recommended repairs. It was super low hassle, and made negotiating prices much easier. Plus they use email to communicate so it's easy to bounce the reports over to your spouse.

Andrea Smith
October, 2016