Power Steering Repair

Where to get Power Steering Repair done?

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How Power Steering Works

A vehicle’s power steering system is of obvious importance to a safe and pleasurable driving experience.  Gone are the days when power steering was a luxury and an option, now being offered as standard equipment on all vehicles.

In operation, fluid stored in a reservoir travels to a pump where it is pressurized before travelling to either a power steering rack or gear box.  This box or rack, acting through “front end” components serve to turn the wheels. 

Power Steering Pump or Hose Repair

The most common repair for power steering systems is to the replace leaking components – most commonly the pump or hoses.  Because of the tight tolerances for the operating parts as well as the critical importance of steering, rebuilding of components is not recommend except as a last resort. 


Possible sources of power steering leaks include the hoses, the pump and the rack or gear itself.  Some leaks are not externally visible,  which is why inspection from a trained professional is key.  When completing any power steering repair, it is advisable to also flush the fluid so that the new components have clean, fresh fluid to operate in. 

What else to consider during Power Steering Pump or Hose Repair

To repair the power steering system, your mechanic may have to dismantle the ‘front end’: consisting of inner and outer tie-rod ends, ball joints and steering spindles. These are commonly wearing components of your suspension and steering system which can be attended to at the same time as other repairs to add value and save on labor costs.