WrenchPatrol mechanics come prepared with the quality auto parts we need.

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Bringing The Parts

First we visit to inspect and diagnose your vehicle’s repair problem. Then we order the parts. When we visit again for the repair, we will show you the old parts before recycling them. We try to prepare for all scenarios so that we only have to visit once to complete the job. We can source brake pads, rotors, shocks, struts, suspension, timing belts, transmission fluid, brake fluid, you name it.

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Part Education, Part Common Sense.

Parts vary a lot in quality and we choose the high quality part by default. You can request different quality of parts and we can get you pricing on those. But know that based on our experience we see people spending more overall with lower quality parts over the life of the car. 

Our policy is to show you your old parts after we repair your car. That way you can see what caused the fault and make better decisions about vehicle repairs and maintenance.

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Have We Got Your Parts?

Call us to check if we have your automotive parts in store. Even if we don’t part of our mechanic service is to pick up the parts from the supplier at no additional cost to you. We usually offer high-quality replacement parts. Feel free to request dealership parts or an economy brand.

Bringing your own parts

We do allow people to supply their own parts but we cannot provide our warranty in those cases. Also you run the risk of potentially getting the wrong part or an incomplete set of all the parts we require for the job. (e.g. additional hoses, clamps, etc…) In those cases you will be charged an additional fee if we have to go acquire those parts to complete the job.

Quality auto parts

We work to secure the best pricing possible from our suppliers on parts so that your price reflects that. In many cases our price will be as good as the list price.

We source quality parts from reputable suppliers like Monroe, AC Delco, Napa, Raybestos, Beck-Arnley, Valvoline, Castrol and car dealerships and we bring them with us when we visit. 

We can’t stock all parts for all cars – but you never wait on parts, we just come back when they’ve shipped to us. You have the option between OEM Parts (directly from your vehicle’s manufacturer), high-quality after-market auto parts, economical after-market parts, or used auto parts. Please discuss your budget and preferences with a technician upon requesting a quote.