Timing Belt Repair and Replacement

Timing Belt Repair

timing belt

WrenchPatrol can do timing belt replacement. This kind of work requires a lot of experience – so wherever you go, make sure you choose an experienced and certified mechanic. Timing belt replacement is a critical part of scheduled maintenance on many vehicles.  It is generally recommended that timing belt repair (i.e. replacement) is done at recommended service intervals which are usually either 100 or 160,000kms or every 10 years, whichever comes first. Some cars/trucks will need a timing chain replacement instead of a timing belt.

What does a Timing Belt or Timing Chain do?

1) The timing belt or timing chain drives critical engine accessories like cooling system (water pump) and oil pumps.

2) The timing belt or timing chain will maintain the internal timing of mechanical engine parts.

What happens if a Timing Belt breaks?

In many engines (interference engines) having a timing belt failure would result in the collision of valves and pistons, which means catastrophic damage to the engine. In other engines, the risk of physical engine damage is reduced, however timing belt failure would result in the engine components falling out in sync and the engine stalling or dying.  If this were to occur while in motion, charging/electrical systems, steering and even braking could be negatively affected. Timing belt replacement is important!

Why replace Timing Belt and Water Pump at the same time?

While replacing the timing belt, it is often cost effective to and prudent to replace any accessories that may be behind the timing belt during normal operation.  Most components are not capable of lasting 200,000+ kms to the next timing belt replacement interval, and subsequent failure between intervals would require more labor to remove the belt again.  Typically, these components may include the water pump, tensioner, oil pump and various seals.

What's does a Timing Belt Cost?

The timing belt itself is not expensive, maybe $100 – it depends on the brand. The labour component is more expensive. It may take 3 to 6 hours to replace the timing chain or timing belt because other components must be removed in order to get to the belt and because the mechanic must be careful to time the engine properly.