Tire Balancing and Rotation

What Is Tire Balancing?

The process of balancing the tire and wheel assembly is known as tire balancing. The tire and wheels are strategically positioned on a wheel balancing machine. Whenever there is an extra weight applied to the vehicle, this machine adjusts the tire and wheel assembly to distribute it in equal proportion. However, there are some limitations to this kind of wheel balancing machine, and there can be instances when these balancers may fail. Whenever the wheel balancers experience the unrestrained lateral run-out, the weight may get imbalanced and cause more significant problems. To avoid such complications, our auto experts at Wrench Patrol can help you to dig up such lateral and radial run-out and resolve it as soon as possible.

What Is Tire Rotation?

Tire rotation is one of the most crucial parts of your car’s timely maintenance program as you might already know that the wear rate of front and rear tires is very different. When you rotate the front and rear tires regularly, it helps to enhance the life of the tires. This process basically balances the rate of wearing in front and rear tires. Tire rotation is very common in Canada, especially when the summer and winter tires are changed. The situation is not the same in areas with a mild climate. People often overlook tire rotation in such areas. 

Wrench Patrol suggests carrying out the tire rotation on a regular basis no matter how the climate of your area is. This helps you save money, fuel, and, most importantly, the unwanted efforts. You can visit us for detailed information and assistance on the benefits of tire rotation.

What Is The Right Time To Rotate The Tires?

Ideally, when your vehicle completes every 10,000 kilometers, you should rotate the tires. No matter if your tires give the sign of wearing or not, you should switch them if you want to extend their lives. To make it simpler for you, Wrench Patrol automobile professionals advise you to perform the tire rotation every time you visit a reputed auto repair service for a timely oil change. If you want to do the same for your vehicle, visit Wrench Patrol, and we will take care of it along with balancing your tires. We will also carry out a complete tire inspection and provide you a detailed condition report. Our highly-skilled experts will take off the unnecessary debris or stones stuck in the tires. We will also gauge the air pressure and fix it if your tires are either over-inflated or under-inflated.   

In conclusion, all you have to do is to visit us to ensure the quality performance and longer life of the tires of your vehicle. At Wrench Patrol, tire rotation is included in our regular tire inspection program. Our services guarantee your savings on money, efforts, and time. So what are you waiting for?