Transmission Flush Change Service
in Burnaby, BC

Where to get a Transmission Flush changed?

We come to you! WrenchPatrol certified mobile auto mechanics can do a transmission service at your office, at your home or at your job-site.

Transmission flush change Cost

The average price of a transmission flush for an average car is between $150 and $250. The price will vary depending on the amount of fluid your vehicle requires.

Why do a Transmission Fluid Change?

As with all other fluids on the vehicle, transmission fluid is subject to the same oxidation, contamination and break-down over time.  A transmission fluid flush service is the best thing a vehicle owner can do to prolong transmission life.

Servicing a Manual Transmission

With a manual transmission, fluid service is a generally simple affair involving only draining old and replacing with new fluid.  Depending on manual transmission construction, the fluid may contain small metallic particles suspended in the fluid.  The result of gears and synchronizers rubbing together in operation.  If so equipped, the drain plug may have a magnet that further traps metallic particles.  This would be cleaned as part of the fluid change service.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Flush Service

An automatic transmission fluid flush usually involves a specialized piece of equipment that connects in line at the transmission cooler and simultaneously removes 12-15L of old as it replaces new fluid.   As automatic transmissions also contain more complex operating parts, it is often more critical to service the fluid regularly. Transmission fluid is very specialized as it contains many detergents, emulsifiers and additives to maximize performance.  Servicing the fluid at regular intervals is recommended a wearing parts from the transmissions bands, clutches and seals can quickly dirty and darken fluid.

What else to consider during an Automatic Transmission Flush

Depending on design, the transmission may also have a filter, typically located inside the transmission pan that can also be replaced.  When the fluid replacement interval is reached, it is an opportune time to replace any hoses or coolers that might be leaking.  This not only saves on labor costs, but also allows new components to take advantage of newly replaced fluid.

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