Valve Cover Gasket Replacement in Vancouver Area

Valve Cover Gasket in Burnaby, Vancouver and Area

WrenchPatrol does Valve Cover Gasket Repair as a Mobile Mechanic service in greater Vancouver. The Valve Cover Gasket is a common place for oil leaks. The valve cover gasket is the highest point on the engine where oil leaks can originate. Where there may be multiple leaks in an engine, replacing leaking valve cover gaskets is a good first step, since oil may drip down from here and obscure other leaks. 

Why Repair a Valve Cover Gasket

Why do I need a Valve Cover Gasket? As it is often the highest from which an oil leak can originate, a leaking valve cover can allow oil to contaminate and damage many other components, including; accessory belts, exhaust manifolds, alternator, fuel injectors, ignition coils, wiring harnesses and more. Replacing Valve Cover Gaskets stops these leaks.

What Is a Valve Cover Gasket

A vehicle’s engine has intake and exhaust valves which control the air flow in and out of the engine. On top of each cylinder is a valve cover, so named because they cover and give access to these valves for servicing.  They are sometimes also referred to as “rocker covers” in reference to the rocker-arms that some engines use to actuate the valves. In addition to covering and providing access, the valve cover must also contain the oil that lubricates the valve train, control crank case vapors and serve as a mounting point for other components. Given all of those conditions, it is not uncommon for a valve cover gasket/seal to leak.

Why do Valve Cover Gaskets Wear Out

Because valve covers are often constructed of different materials than the cylinder head, they are subject to different rates of expansion and contraction as temperatures range from parked in winter cold to climbing hills in summer heat.

How much does a new Valve Cover Gasket Repair Cost?

The price for a valve cover gasket repair in Vancouver area is usually around a few hundred dollars. A valve cover gasket set costs a few tens of dollars up to about $100. Some engines require two Valve Cover Gaskets. The repair can take an hour or up to 3 or 4 hours. This depends on how many components must be removed to access the valve cover gasket. Some gaskets are a one piece perimeter seal, while others are comprised of multiple parts.  In the case of “V” type engines, at least one is usually mounted under the intake manifold, necessitating its removal.  Valve cover gaskets generally are not a scheduled maintenance item, but should be attended to immediately if any issues are noted.