Vehicle Maintenance in Burnaby, BC

To keep your automobile in peak shape, Wrench Patrol offers a variety of auto repair services. Our group of skilled and licensed mechanics are qualified to handle all kinds of car repairs, whether your car has an issue or you want to get it checked. In order to assist you to avoid expensive failures, WrenchPatrol also provides preventative maintenance services and checks of your car’s critical systems. To ensure that your car is serviced to the greatest standards, our mechanics use the latest instruments and methods. You may have your automobile serviced whenever it’s convenient for you because Wrench Patrol offers mobile mechanic service. You can rely on Wrench Patrol to keep your car in good working order.

Vehicle maintenance services provided by WrenchPatrol

  • Alternator repair

  • Timing belt repair and replacement

  • Fan belt repair

  • Power steering repair

  • Engine starter replacement

If youve done business with us over well cover your tow truck bills for six months Up to visits worth each Call to arrange the tow and get paid back