Brake Repair and Replacement Service
in Burnaby, BC

Car Brakes repair and replacement was never as easy as we serve……

Time is highly important for you, we know, and, when it comes to cost we are effective too. 

Generally, brake replacement for the average vehicle costs about $350-$450 per pair of pads and rotors (the friction part and the rotating part) including the cost of labour. Calipers are a different story (that’s the squeezing part).

We’ll obviously start with an accurate quote for your vehicle. Feel free to call, email or reserve online to pass us your vehicle details and time preference and we’ll go from there. It is a cost-effective and facility oriented service which satisfy you from all aspects. Our focus remains on quality as our trademark.

Now, by our brake service, drive with a happy and secure state of mind. It is all about satisfaction. 

So, call us, email or make a reservation and get our special offer now !

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$50 off Brake Replacement