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Want to work with us? Show us your skill, vision and integrity.

Changing global village demands top skills with creativity, vision backed by steel determination and integrity with values. Quality speaks louder than words.

Looking for growth, new approaches, new technology? This isn’t your ordinary shop. It’s all about customer experience. We never leave you waiting. Come with us and grow as fast as you can and especially with flexibility. 

Wrench Patrol puts you in control, using your knowledge and expertise to do what’s right for the customer. It means you must share responsibility for growing the business through ideas and operational excellence. It also means that you will learn cutting edge technology and skills.

We always value your knowledge,  commitment, quality, and expertise. Come forward to grow with wrench Patrol.

Now Hiring: Automotive Technician

Job Title: Automotive Technician

Location: Positions available in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Richmond, North Vancouver, Delta, and Coquitlam

Job Type: Part Time, flexible hours

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