Fluid Flush Services
in Burnaby, BC

Automobile fluid flushes are an important aspect of regular vehicle maintenance. These flushes involve draining and replacing old fluids, such as oil, transmission fluid, coolant, and brake fluid, with fresh fluids to help ensure the proper functioning of a vehicle’s various systems. Regular fluid flushes can help prevent issues such as engine wear, overheating, and poor braking performance, and can ultimately prolong the lifespan of a vehicle.

What happens if I don't do a power steering flush?

Oxidized and dirty fluid will cause power steering components to wear out faster. The power steering pump, which provides pressure to turn the wheels will eventually fail; if you are driving the loss of power steering could make controlling your vehicle difficult. You would have to get a mechanic to replace the power steering pump. Subsequently, other power steering components may wear out.

How do you know if you need a Power Steering Flush?

There’s an easy way to tell: the tiny particles worn off the seals darkens the colour of the power steering fluid. Compare the colour to a new power steering fluid – if it is noticeably darker, you should to replace it.

Why do a Transmission Fluid Change?

As with all other fluids on the vehicle, transmission fluid is subject to the same oxidation, contamination and break-down over time.  A transmission fluid flush service is the best thing a vehicle owner can do to prolong transmission life.